Energy Efficient Windows in Brea, CA

Armor Glass Tinting installs energy efficient window films for office buildings in Brea, California. Window tinting makes your office more comfortable and creates a chic and modern look, while saving money on cooling costs. We work with large and small companies in Brea and the surrounding areas and also provide residential services. Whether you want to tint one office or every window in your building, we provide you with the perfect shade and type of window tinting.

Choose from dark or light gray films to let in the right amount of light while stopping harmful UV rays. If you have windows that directly face the sun during your workday, you know how quickly this can become distracting. Instead of arranging your office around the sun, block the rays with subtle window tinting. We have a variety of window tints to choose from that offer extra protection against the sun, against impacts and provide you with more privacy. Some of our window films block UV rays while allowing in visible light, so they are virtually undetectable, while other films give you a much darker window that obscures the view inside and will help to prevent burglary by reinforcing the glass.

Take a look at the different films available to find the right fit for your office. Call (310) 488-5626 to learn more about window tinting for energy saving, privacy, and reinforcement.

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