Commercial Window Tinting

Clearly we can make a difference with our window tinting services which are shown to dependably benefit all types of businesses, commercial, corporate, no matter the size. By offering a low cost way to decrease solar heat gain in the summer while retaining accommodating climate in the winter.

So Why ArmorGlassTinting?

We exhibit over 20 years experience in the tinting industry. We offer a complete inspection and building evaluation of all windows. Plus we assist you with your energy rebate application. Finally, to ensure proper installation was performed a final inspection of your windows new film will be observed.

  • Our customers are our #1 priority regardless the size of you business from retail stores to large high rises.
  • Complete detailed planning, management and thorough communication with customer.
  • Strategy, rebate documentation assistance, safety and OSHA observed.
  • We use only the finest window films in the industry with a variety of shades and clarity.
  • Friendly helpful service, uniformed,company shirts, cleanliness.
  • Our team of installers are experienced, not sub-contractors.
  • We want to help you save money while protecting everyone who enters your work environment.
  • Healthy lifestyle benefit, blocks 99.9% Ultraviolet Rays (UVR), is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Is Commercial Window Tint for your Business?

Heating and cooling of your building is a constant considerable expense annually regardless the size of the establishment. Our commercial window films can actually help to relieve overuse of heating and air conditioning units, (HVAC) units.

We recognize the importance of a beautiful attractive window display that many storefront owners are actually losing money due to stock being damaged by direct sunlight. The display items fading or ruined. The inventory damage, annoying glares, unhealthy exposure to skin cancer causing UV rays!

Make no mistake about it we’re here to help. Our window tinting services have a track record of business owners seeing fast, direct reduction of sun glare, inventory protection, which will save you money. In return a safer, healthier, more productive and comfortable business environment.

The Truth is, its not just Window Tint Anymore.

Here at ArmorGlassTinting we strive to make your window tinting experience the absolute very best. A thorough analysis of your windows conditioning, free consultation with our window professional to find the very best match with one of our commercial window films to best fit your business needs. By allowing us to bid on your next commercial building window tinting job. Our team promises to always provide quality products, superior installation and lowest possible prices. Our companies #1 goal is to be under budget, completed on time and satisfy each customer. Guaranteed!! Letters of recommendation available at request. Window Tinting is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Graffiti Hurts Business!
Why waste time replacing expensive windows? Save money by installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film that helps prevent the damage in the first place by winning the fight against graffiti before it begins. By facilitating quick graffiti removal, this protective film solution also acts as a deterrent to future graffiti attacks. The Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that removing graffiti within 48 hours greatly reduces the likelihood of a building being re-graffitied. Graffiti that is left alone has been shown to actually increase the probability of repeat attacks!