Energy Efficient Window Films

Each type film line has unique solar properties that block UV, reduce heat and glare in varying degrees. All of our Solar Control Films reject 99% or more of both UVA and UVB rays and have special UV inhibitors built right in. With virtually all harmful UV rays effectively blocked, you can live in comfort knowing you are protected.

Panorama Solar Films
The key to enjoying beautiful, high-performance windows is Panorama window film. Professionally installed by only authorized Panorama dealers, all Panorama window films maintain ambient light and the view you love while keeping you cool, comfortable, and well protected.

Panorama Hilite® window films are high-performance films that are virtually undetectable. Hilite films provide exceptional solar control to keep you and your employees cool and comfortable, while protecting people and interior furnishings from the sun’s damaging UV light.

The Panorama Sterling® series provides extraordinary solar control while admitting higher levels of visible light. Ranging from barely noticeable tint to darker shades, these films have a subtle reflective finish from the outside.

The Dual Reflective Panorama Slate series maximizes your views with reduced interior and exterior reflectance. Your privacy is increased during the day, while nighttime reflectivity is reduced for uncompromised views out at night.

Panorama Safety Films
From severe weather to burglary and vandalism, threats to human safety and property are on the rise. Solar Gard Panorama safety and security window films provide an extra layer of protection to your building. Specially designed to absorb shock and hold shattered glass in place, Panorama not only protects people from flying shards, but also provides a barrier against break-ins, bomb blasts, looting and interior damage.

Panorama 8 Mil Hilite for extra security in a safety film. It provides the same exceptional solar control, but retains broken glass shards from attempted break-ins, severe weather damage or impact accidents.

Solar Control Window Films
Solar Control Window Films are available in a variety of shades, colors and performance levels. Some of the benefits of installing standard Solar Control Film include:

  • Reduce up to 99.9% of the damaging UV light
  • Protect your flooring and furniture from fading
  • Eliminate up to 79% of the incoming heat
  • Protect against flying glass during accidents or earthquakes
  • Increase energy savings
  • Reduce annoying glare
  • Give daytime privacy
  • Increase the value of your property

Today’s window films enhance aesthetics while increasing indoor comfort and reducing utility costs. To offset the solar heat passing through windows, the U.S. consumes the energy equivalent of millions of barrels of oil everyday. Whether for new construction or retrofit projects, the application of Solar Control Window Film is one of the most effective and economical methods of controlling this energy loss and increasing indoor comfort.

Shutters are nice, but they hide the beauty of the view and darken a room when closed. Shades also block much of the outside view when in use. Draperies, while adding design appeal to the room, aren’t much help in controlling energy loss even when closed. Many different decorative Films alone offer protection from the many everyday elements while maintaining the full appeal of the unobstructed window or add privacy to any window. But also enhancing the appearance of the overall desired look. Make it fancy or give it a personal touch it’s entirely up to you. Ask our team of designers for more info.

Solar Control Window Films provide increased indoor comfort throughout the year, reduce energy consumption by cutting heat gain, protect fabrics and finishes, and reduce glare with Solar Control Films.

For every glass problem, we have the Solar Control Film Solution.

  • Excessive Heat
  • Safety and Security
  • Glass Decoration
  • Glare
  • Light Control
  • Carpet and Hardwood Floor Fading
  • Furniture Fading
  • Aesthetics

Solar Control Film is perfect for retail storefronts that require clear visibility for displaying merchandise while getting maximum protection.This is a must for buisness storefronts. It also qualifies for a utility rebate in most commercial applications.

Care and Maintenance
Once window film has been installed, it is very common to see a slight haziness and/or small water pockets. This is a normal part of the adhesive bonding process called “curing”. Depending on the film type and weather conditions, it may take up to 30 days for the film to be fully cured. The curing process is slow because the remaining water used in installation must evaporate through the film. Sputtered and heavy security films take the longest to dry and will take longer for any hazy appearance to disappear.

Once the film is dry and cured, it is then safe for the film to be cleaned. The best cleaner is a simple solution of water and a small amount of soap. Clean the window and then squeegee dry with overlapping strokes in the same way you would clean the outside of your car windows. You may also clean the film surface with any normal strength glass cleaner. Products with ammonia will not damage the film if used in reasonable quantities and if the film is not left to soak in it. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, industrial strength glass cleaners and/or any other window cleaning tools that may scratch the window film. Remember, the surface of the film is coated with a scratch resistant not scratchproof coating.