Commercial Energy Efficient Window Tint in Irvine, CA


Armor Glass Tinting makes your windows stronger, sleeker and more energy efficient with custom window tinting in Irvine California. We install residential and commercial energy efficient window tints in Irvine, California, with a variety of shades and styles. We can tint all of the windows in your office building for a polished and uniform look, or we can tint select windows for the spaces you use most.

Window tinting makes your office or your bedroom, living room or home office cooler and more comfortable. By blocking UV rays and still allowing visible light through the glass, your room stays cooler without sacrificing an open, sunny feel. By keeping the room cooler and repelling UV rays, you save on cooling costs. We also install window tints to provide you with more privacy, allowing you to look out the window but obscuring the view into the room. and window tints that strengthen windows and provide better security from break-ins. Window tinting also stops sunlight from fading carpets and furniture, keeping your room looking crisp and new.

Take a look at the homes and businesses with have recently finished and learn more about the tints available to find a fit for your space. Contact us at 1-888-960-TINT to schedule glass tinting for your home or office.

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