Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting gives your windows enhanced protection from UV rays as well as protection from physical damage.  By blocking UV rays, window tinting helps to reduce energy costs by keeping cool air in and blocking hot sun rays.  Armor Glass Tinting provides superior window tinting protection with a variety of options, so you can find the ideal color and effect for your home.

When harsh light floods your home, it not only makes the room hot and uncomfortable, making your air conditioner work harder, but can also fade your furniture, rugs and furnishings.  Large windows in your living room or dining area look beautiful and make your home appear modern and contemporary, however they can also compromise the privacy and environment in your home.  Tinting your windows will give you additional privacy without obstructing your view of the outside, while blocking UV rays that fade furniture and heat the inside.

Take a look at the tinting options available energy saving residential window tinting or decorative window tinting for your home.  Call today to learn more and schedule tinting for your home.

During home improvement projects its easy to overlook and go over budget. We offer a great selection of window films that will fit just what your looking for at a price that fits your budget. You see our residential window specialist can conveniently visit your location to observe your windows current condition and discuss your options with a professional. Our goal is provide you with window film service that is 2nd to no other.

Why Panorama?
Do you own a home and want to reduce your expenses at all cost?
With Panorama installed on your windows you will do just that. Reduce your homes energy cost, maintain a healthier, safer, more comfortable home.


How about Protection?

PANORAMA 8 MIL HILITE The smash and grab, severe weather, burglaries, graffiti, vandalism. On tough situations like these we recommend 8MIL HILITE. Proven to withstand severe weather conditions, there are cases that show windows protected by 8MIL HILITE window film have withstood wind debris that should have in fact shattered the window. Amazingly the film holds the broken window together and does not allow for pieces of potentially life threatening sharp broken glass (shards) to become projectiles.

We cannot predict the weather, nor eliminate the world of crime, and surely cannot stop accidents from occurring. What we can do is be as best prepared as possible. Rely on Safety and Protection with PANORAMA 8MIL HILITE.

Which Film is Right for Your Home

PANORAMA HILITE SERIES Improve the quality of your life by keeping out uncomfortable heat, protecting your furnishings and letting in the view you love, with Solar Gard Panorama Hilite spectrally selective series.

PANORAMA STERLING SERIES is a highly selective film with a high level of visible light transmission. PANORAMA STERLING SERIES is made up of films that provide extraordinary solar energy rejection performance along with higher visible light transmission. This allows for a luminous and more beautiful interior, while ensuring a comfortable and temperate environment.

PANORAMA SLATE SERIES Dual-Reflective Solar Gard Panorama Slate Series offer exceptional solar rejection performance with a more neutral finish. These films maintain views with reduced interior and exterior reflection, while increasing privacy by day. This series of film offers an attractive complement to building appearance and efficiency.

DECORATIVE WINDOW FILM decorative films are designed for privacy, interior design and decorative touches enhancing the splendor of glass. These interior films are recommended for application to interior glass and to the inside surface of exterior glass. They add a designer touch on existing glass surfaces, without
the expense of etching or replacing smooth glass with frosted glass.