Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Helping to protect surfaces from all sorts of graffiti!
Why waste time replacing expensive windows? Save money by installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film that helps prevent the damage in the first place by winning the fight against graffiti before it begins.

Reasons for selecting durable Anti-Graffiti Window Film:

  • Protects Glass Surface from scratches and other types of unwanted glass surface damage and graffiti markings.
  • Strong and Durable – a superior scratch-resistant coating provides long lasting protection for glass surfaces.
  • Easily Removable after excess abuse to the surface, Anti-Graffiti Window Film is designed to be replaced very easily by a trained installer.
  • Does not block view. Anti-Graffiti Window Film is a clear film so it provides optical clarity while delivering protection to glass surfaces.
  • Works on More than just Glass!

Anti-Graffiti Window Film may be applied to other non-porous surfaces such as bathroom stalls and elevator doors. Anti-Graffiti Film Can Deter Future Graffiti Attacks. By facilitating quick graffiti removal, this protective film solution also acts as a deterrent to future graffiti attacks. The Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that removing graffiti within 48 hours greatly reduces the likelihood of a building being re-graffitied. Graffiti that is left alone has been shown to actually increase the probability of repeat attacks. According to the National Association of Realtors, properties located in neighborhoods where there is graffiti vandalism lose 15% of their value. To protect their property and avoid having to replace large expensive glass, property owners and public managers are turning to a quick, cost-effective and easy SOLUTION: Anti-Graffiti Window Film. After professionally applying this removable, clear barrier to exposed surfaces such as windows, mirrors or marble, graffiti is simply peeled off leaving no permanent damage. Anti-Graffiti Window Film rejects 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, thus reducing the amount of fading that occurs to interior property. Anti-Graffiti Window Film is also made with a unique adhesive that bonds film to glass. This allows the film to stay attached to the glass longer and makes it harder for smash-and-grab robbers to be successful.